Chevrolet AfterSales


Jaidah Automotive set us a challenging task of building on our previous Automotive Aftersales Division campaign of ‘How we handle it’. The objective was to improve the understanding of the division’s offerings and the client demanded a surprising and thought-provoking campaign that would hold together as a campaign and yet encompass a number of very diverse benefits.


We created something that would stand out not only locally or even regionally, but would be benchmarked internationally. Through firstly creating ‘This is how we handle it’ to create campaign continuity, we realised that each of the benefits, whether people, products or services were connected by numbers, and thus created a heavily crafted campaign around 3D numbers made of the mechanical parts found in the servicing centers themselves. Then we conducted a photo shoot and added various mechanics around our created numbers. The result, especially for the automotive servicing industry was creatively special, but critically commercially valuable too.