CBQ Ramadan Campaign


Commercial Bank wanted to create something special for Ramadan that was truly reflective of their history as a bank and yet encompass the Ramadan spirit authentically. They wanted us to step outside of the usual ‘cheesy’ regional films and create something that would connect internally and externally.


We created a number of creative alternatives for the client, and they selected one which encompassed their history as seafaring people. We used an international director and European production house to help us bring our paper-cutting style to life and to create a charming commercial that would stand out from the typical fare produced in the region and equally have the requisite authenticity.

Additionally, we produced a further video which exemplified the specific Iftar box giving. We did so with a twist through having the executives almost ‘interviewed’ by their own sons on their journey to deliver Iftar boxes. This approach helped to explain Iftar to those with limited knowledge of Ramadan and Iftar and helped reinforce the meaning to those in the know. It provided a charming and tonally synergistic complement to the tv commercial produced.

Ramadan Film

Garangao Film